Bean Counting Services

Bookkeeping varies business to business, but here are just some of the services I offer

Bank reconciliation – know exactly what is in your account and who owes you money

Payroll/Superannuation Management – process wages, make all payments, stay on top of constantly changing awards and ensure all your obligations are met before they are due. Process Super payments on time to make sure you are compliant with Super legislation. Lodgement of PAYGW statements and end of year Payroll reports.

Accounts Receivable – know who owes you money, chase up those overdue debtors

Accounts Payable – know exactly how much those end of month bills add up to, negotiate payment terms with suppliers (if needed)

BAS/GST – make sure you are claiming the right amount of GST, meet ATO deadlines in a timely manner to make sure you are never late with a lodgement. I am a registered BAS agent which means I am always on top of any ATO changes.

End of Financial Year – get that file all ready for the Accountant. Lodge your Payment Summaries for Staff, make sure your file reconciles to your Bank Account, chase up missing paperwork. Never stress about the end of year again, as it will all be up to date and ready to go.

Cashflow Management – worried how you will pay those bills and wages? Never have to guess with ongoing cashflow management you will know what bills are due, and how much money is in the bank to cover them.

Budget – set financial goals for your business by using last year’s actual data to forecast your Profit. Run reports at any time to see how you are tracking against your budgeted figures.

Financial Reports – Profit and Loss reports are the go to for any business. But do you understand what it all means? I help decode your numbers and put them into real terms so you understand if that product is making you money, or if you have the space to take on that new employee.

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